Saviour, bigot, monster, the American dream’  Donald Trump has been called many different things, but one cannot deny that his presence anywhere shocks the world at a whole. One cannot deny the sheer brilliancy of his manipulation onto the  American people and all those worldwide . It is impossible to rebuke, that he is currently, the most likely in a roster of philanthropists and intellectuals, to take the seat in the White House. Despite his controversial statements, his years upon years of hypocrisy, his outright bigotry; is he truly as bad as we make him out to be? Our narrowed perspective, on the here and now may ultimately paint him as the begotten character he is, overshadowing his accomplishments of which we are already feeling the effects of. With him at the figurehead, ‘make america great again’ may not only just be a motto, but may become a reality.

The American elections have always been a mess. With the prize being the position of the most powerful man in the world, it’s difficulty can be compared to applying for a job at media giants such as  Google, albeit, the requirements being much less strict. As such, this race may as well be described as a hunt, a savage race where the employer, the candidates and the employee, the people. Lies upon lies, incurred by promising politicians are pushed upon the American people, half truths and white lies. Even worse, their backers, oil companies and manufacturing conglomerates skew the insides of a politician’s masks, such as Jeb Bush’s campaign being almost solely backed by Republican leaning parties like the National Rifle Association. Democrats and Republicans are no different, for what they truly believe are not in the ideals of the masses, but in the necessities of their sponsors.Running for president is not a simple process. One cannot simply ‘decide’ to run when faced with such overwhelming wall of requirements. 

A presidential campaign is beyond the limits of the majority of the American population, even beyond the reach of influentials, one example of which is Hillary Clinton; Unless they have third party support, presidency will be just a dream. Hence corporate backers. All politicians to a degree, have money funnelled in their super PACS (Political action committee) with no restrictions whatsoever on the amount of money that one can donate, lending incentive in negotiations when lobbying. At this point, one can consider them legal bribes, weighted words which follow a candidate when they reach presidency, all for the smell of a few million Benjamins. Every candidate can be bought, but Donald Trump does not.

A multi-billion empire, his businesses span amongst the general to obscure, from real estate to beauty pageants, his mass amounts of wealth sets himself once again from every other candidate. His own campaign is funded by his individual  considerable wealth. With his perspective un-skewered by money and promises of sponsorship, what he represents are his own ideal giving you reassurance that; ‘what you buy, is what you get. However, his greatest strength is also his greatest liability. With such a paramount cost upon his personal assets by his presidential campaign, Donald Trump cannot afford to lose this election. His own personal views have already lost him his partnerships with TV channels such as NBC upon his self-run Miss. USA beauty pageants. However, this dedication reveals another side of Donald Trump that has never been seen before. He’s not here for the publicity, he’s here to actually represent his ideologies.

Donald Trump himself is a master manipulator, his skills honed by years upon years of salesmanship and dealings with other parties. His history in politics however is quite convoluted, having been friends and associates and even members if both the Republicans and Democrats during his previous stint in politics.. He has been personal friends with the Clinton’s, close associates with the Kennedy’s and ironically, associates with foreigners of which his current platform stands against. Thus all sets him aside from far left and right politicians by revealing that he, himself is not running for the ideals for others, but for his personal ideals. 

This dedication has landed him in a supremely advantageous position over his leading contender. The polls currently have him at 43%, an overarching 40% lead over Jeb Bush’s own 3% approvability.  With such popularity with the American public, some might ask: “ how could he captivate such a large audience with such statements?”

Donald Trump is the hero we need, not the hero we deserve. His inflammatory statements have always been heavily misquoted by the American media, harlot in order to boost ratings. However, if you were to look behind all the curtains and fireworks, what you genuinely see is a man, a man who built himself from the ground up, well versed in diplomacy and despite what you think a deeply honest businessman. With his long standing as an authority in the world of business, he manages to come off as honest and dedicated, qualities which stand out.

Despite what I have said, Donald Trump is not the greatest candidate, nor the greatest politician. What he is, is a challenge to the long, peaceful political climate. With all his hurricanes and typhoons, he breaks apart every norm in the presidential race. He challenges and calls out candidates for their blatant lobbying, considered that he himself was once one of the participants as a corporate sponsor. He being a self funded political candidate can afford to do so, and as such, may change America for the better. But not only does he challenge the whole process of a presidential election, he also challenges the media, and more importantly, us.

What the Trump Phenomenon, as journalists has dubbed the surge of news reports about him since his presidential candidacy announcement, strips any falsehoods a nation. The media as we all know reports what we want to see and what we want to hear in order to maintain viewers, which maintains add viewers, which maintains sponsorship money and as such, maintains the stock value of media companies. However, media as a whole always needs to show a face of ‘integrity’. However, this farce of integrity is completely stripped away with Donald Trump on the playing field. Often quoted numerous times, Donald Trump’s quotations have garnered immense controversy. By the media’s continuous focus on him, he is effectively stripping away the media’s farce of self righteousness. He shows the American public that while broadcasting time can be focused on discussing, for example; Bernie Sander’s statements upon racism, Hillary Clinton’s ideologies upon feminism, they would rather focus upon Donald Trump for a quick buck. Donald Trump, effectively engages the American masses directly, the attention payed way past due.

Only 60% of the American population bothered to vote during the 2012 elections, a far cry from the 300 million people, a meagre representation of the American Majority. Donald trump’s splash in the political ocean of meanderings effectively draws attentions from the un-voting to actively participate in the American Political system. By inadvertently posing himself as the ‘big bad’, or ‘the hope of America’ in some perspectives, this mass media coverage allows his voice to reach places which has never been reached before. The last GOP was the second highest rated program hosted by the CBC in its entire history.  His inflammatory statements are designed to act as the ultimate ‘story’, and as such, forces us to actually think, to use our mental muscles which we are so adverse to. What Donald Trump did was make a giant splash in America, to attract the amount of  attention never before seen before on the direction of which the country is heading.

He has essentially changed the way presidential campaigns are run. Through his outstanding poll statistics, he has proved time and time again that his presidential platform does work. Donald Trump will not make a great president, nor is he that good of a presidential candidate. However, what he has brought to the table is so outrageously contradictory to the norm we are used to, that it incurs changes of how the American people, media and politicians will act for years to come. Simply said, he is the hero we need, but not deserve. 

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