The Cold, Hard Science of Love | Katie MacLean


It’s that time of year again; flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and love is in the air. Ah love, that divine human connection that cosmically links two hearts in perfect synchronicity, each the other’s world entire. Or…something to that extent. Long has science pondered over just exactly what love

The Economy and the Environment: War or Harmony? | Jake Seppola

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In a province with a 268.6 Billion GDP, Alberta’s ability to extract oil in a way that isn’t so harmful to the environment should not be restricted. The Alberta oil sands are a massive contributor to our success as a province, but their damage is felt by not only by


Tamio: Redefining File Organization — Eric Buss

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Paper documents are an inconvenience, among other difficulties; they rip out of binders, get lost, and are susceptible to water damage. They are an antiquated remnant of the time before laptop computers, SmartBoards, and tablets. An anachronism to today’s society, paper documents are being digitized across the board, from large

Next Stop: Mars — Riya Sidhu

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Eighteen is conventionally considered a great age.  Not only can you can vote, consume alcohol legally (in some places), and be considered an adult—you can now apply for a one-way ticket to Mars. The organization Mars One proposes on launching four people to Mars by April 2022 with the intent


The Death and Re-birth of the Electric Car — Andrew Xia


The electric car is not in the future; it’s here… but is it here to stay? Last year, an estimated 64,069,541 cars were produced worldwide. That’s a lot of cars driving around producing CO2 emissions and guzzling gas. With mounting environmental and resource concerns, more and more companies are looking

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