‘Donald Trump, the hero we need but don’t deserve?’ | Homer Leung


‘Saviour, bigot, monster, the American dream’  Donald Trump has been called many different things, but one cannot deny that his presence anywhere shocks the world at a whole. One cannot deny the sheer brilliancy of his manipulation onto the  American people and all those worldwide . It is impossible to

GOP Presidential Candidates Debate In Myrtle Beach

America’s Next Top Politician | Savannah Blade

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The night is abuzz in Greenville, SC. The theatre is packed to the rafters, humming with anticipation. Suddenly, patriotic music begins to blare, and the opening montage flashes across the towering screens on the stage. A roar rises from the crowd. The stage is awash in dazzling blue and red

Jim Prentice loses

The Forty-Four Year Kingdom | Jacob R. Kenney


A few months ago, I published an article detailing my thoughts on the floor crossing of Danielle Smith and eight of her fellow Wildrose MLA’s to the PC benches entitled “The Thousand Year Kingdom”, because I believed that democracy would never be alive in the province of Alberta again and

High River

Hell Hath no Fury Like a Province Scorned | Jacob R. Kenney

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Last December, there were eleven Wildrose floor crossers sitting in the wings of the Progressive Conservative party, brandishing their tools of war, waiting for nomination battles they were assured they would win and the election campaign that would inevitably come afterwards. Now, there are only five left, and the fledgling


Has Detective Putin Solved It? | Jacob R. Kenney

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On February 27, at eleven thirty p.m. local time, Boris Nemtsov was assassinated in one of the most secure places on the planet, the grounds of the Kremlin. Notice that I used the word “assassinated”, a term even our own western leaders have shied away from in their condemnation of

Oil Pipeline Politics

Whatever Happened to Keystone? | Jacob R. Kenney


It was in early 2011 that I first began to hear of the tribulations Keystone XL pipeline. Even then, the project was considered to have been unjustifiably delayed, with industrialists and investors on both sides of the border raging across the various legislative bodies and courts in the United States

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