What Does it Mean To Be a “Modern Man”? | Katja Lemermeyer


Newsflash: not all men are sports-loving, beer-chugging buffoons, incapable of contributing to the household. Crazy, right? It’s 2014, this really shouldn’t be a groundbreaking revelation. If you take a look at how men are portrayed in advertising, however, you may not be so sure. Twenty-first Century men are more modern

Mother's Day Carnations

Mother’s Day Appreciation | Yiling Kang


To some of you, May is a month that represents spring, summer, or the dreaded final exams that are coming up. However to me, the month of May embodies my mom. Perhaps it’s because my mom’s birthday is also in May, but every time it nears Mother’s Day, I really

4 Resolutions for 2014 | Mary Gao


A mini-list of personal, keepable resolutions: 1.       Teach parents how to use Snapchat The most time consuming parts of the day require no parent involvement: school, sports, friends, homework, and Facebook. Sure, technology has ruined our abilities to truly connect with people, but remember it was actually created to improve

Happy Christmahanukwanzikah? | Hayley Bowling

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It’s an issue that arises every December.  Trying to balance the religions corresponding to the holidays that fall around the same time of the year is a near impossible task.  But some might argue it’s also unnecessary. Christmas is usually considered to be the biggest end-of-year holiday in North America. 

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