“For me, this photograph represents the frigid winters of Canada and the stunning, untamed beauty that the natural environment brings to our country. Nature teaches us much, both about our environment and about ourselves. In this way, it becomes a lens through which we see the world. Having been fortunate enough to experience on many occasions the beautiful locations throughout Canada: its national parks, mountains, prairies, coasts, rivers, lakes, wildlife, and forests; I can honestly say that these encounters with the outdoors and the wilderness that is becoming increasingly rare in our world have shaped the way I see the world and the person I am today. My photograph captures this idea through the eye-catching beauty of eyelashes frozen over with ice; this was a lucky capture on a bitterly cold but astonishingly beautiful winter morning spent outside. I believe that Canadian youth can use the unique opportunities they have to experience the outdoors to bring this new perspective to global platforms.”

-Adrienne Gomes